Spring 2024 Shows


Everything Sound Bouquet
Monday 3 - 5 pm

This show covers everything and anything, one flower at a time. Weekly broadcasts will feature new themes. From cold bleak winters to pastoral emerald isles, there’s music here for any occasion.

The Weekend Rewind with Ryan Bekkers
Monday 6 - 7 pm

Now that the football season is over, there isn’t as much news to talk about. However, that isn’t stopping me from trying to host the show. Tune in to hear a mix of whatever big news is going on around the NFL and playing some music.

Cinder Block Variety Hour
Monday 7:30 - 8:30 pm

Whatever I feel like that day will be on the show.


Radio Free Chicago
Tuesday 9 - 10 am

Calling all Chicago sports fans to tune in here!! BEAR DOWN!

The Redneck Hour with John
Tuesday 10:10 - 11:10 am

Playing the best music country has to offer—new country, classic country, and everything in between. Just grab a drink, tune in and enjoy some country music.

Wubs with Bud
Tuesday 11:30 - 12:30 pm

EDM/Dance pop show.

Authentic with Allison
Tuesday 2 - 3 pm

Come listen to Allison as she brings in special guests to chat and play some good tunes!

Blue Moon Midday Show with Mariah
Tuesday 4 - 5 pm

If you’re a fan of pop punk and the energetic sounds of the Midwest music scene, then you’re in for a “treat.” Welcome to the Blue Moon Midday Show, where we bring you the best rock, pop punk, and midwest emo straight to you. Whether you’re studying, chilling at home, or jamming out at work, this show will give you the “scoop” on the vibrant Midwest music scene. Get ready to discover new bands, reminisce with old favorites, and dive deep into the world of music on the Blue Moon Midday show.


Seven head with Carter
Wednesday 10:50 - 11:50 am

Dumb ironic comedy show with a podcast type format.


Abstract Thought with Abbi
Monday 12 - 1pm

This podcast style show will be covering Abbi’s current fixation. Past topics have ranged from Rugby to making the perfect quesadilla on a flat top grill. 


Discover Weekly with Will
Tuesday 4 - 5 pm

Weekly, Will will showcase bands that are relatively unknown or may not typically be popular with young adults. Find bands you’ve never heard of with, on average, less than 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

DJ is DJ-ing
Thursday 8:30 - 9:30 am

Bringing you Delaney Jean’s newest favorites every week. Listen in for a morning pump-up – something to dance, strut, or head-bang to as you start your day.

Connor's Weekly Jams
Wednesday 12 - 1:00pm

Going through some of Connor’s new and favorite musical toons, introducing them, and talking through why he likes them or what kind of mood they bring him.

Rhyme City Radio
Wednesday 3 - 4 pm

Listen in for the hottest mix of hip/hop, rap, and r&b. 

Cici Sesh
Thursday 2 - 3pm

Enjoy some freshly curated music and the occasional surprise guests. Whatever Cici is feeling that day will play. 

Kat's Cozy Corner
Thursday 12-1 pm

Wind down on Fridays with Kat’s calming music lineup. She’ll be playing cozy music to relax to so you can enter the weekend feeling refreshed and rebalanced. 

Hour on the Aux
Tuesday 3 - 4 pm

On “Hour on the Aux”, we delve into the captivating rhythms and poignant lyrics of talented musicians hailing primarily from the Midwest. From garage bands just making their debut, to seasoned artists who have become household names, we celebrate and amplify the voices that echo the unique spirit of the Midwest. “Hour on the Aux”, is a journey through powerful guitar riffs, exhilarating drum beats, and vocals that resonate with the highs and lows of life. So, tune in and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of pop punk and Midwest emo, where every note is a story waiting to be heard.

Previous Shows

On the Air Sports
with Michael Callahan
Thursday 1 - 1:30pm

Beacom’s here, bringing you his favorite sports news in and around the pro leagues, with a focus on the Blackhawks and Bulls.

Let's Yak About It
with Kat I.
Friday 11am - noon

Yik Yak is something a lot of SNC students use and we will read some Yik Yaks and interpret those Yaks!

A Mile in Your Shoes
with Charles Whelan and Jack Spaulding
Friday 10 - 10:45pm

An advice show of sorts, where people can submit things they may need advice on, however it is entirely not serious and no one should listen to our advice.

You can submit requests for advice at either of the following locations: 


Dangerous Advice
with Charles Whelan and Jack Spaulding
Friday 10 - 10:45pm

Ask some questions, get some advice, take it at your own risk! Jack and Charles are here to solve the quandaries of your day to day existence and the dilemmas of reality! Love you!

You can submit requests for advice at either of the following locations:         https://forms.gle/eGcRGKqv2JjuSi8z6                                                                             amileinyourshoesshow@gmail.com