Past Shows

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

DJ Markwülf (Mark Nichols) and Dj … (Justin Arzt)

4 Quarters

Thomas, Mack, Tony & Eric bring listeners up to date about the latest sports news around the world while having a tun of fun doing it. Catch the 4 Quarters Show every Tuesday & Thursday at 3:00 PM!

Core 4

We are the Core 4 and although 1+1+1 = 3, we’re three guys that love to bring you the latest and greatest news in sports.

The Tony G Show

The Tony G Show is a Sports Talk Show that incorporates humor from the host of the show Tony G. Tony G is a sports fan that also works with one of the largest sports talk radio stations in northeast Wisconsin, 107.5 and 1400 The Fan. However, Tony G is not the only member of the show, he also has his trusty sidekick Will McCormick who is also a member of the Core 4 Radio Show on SNC Radio.


The show “Chaos” is hosted by Katherine VanDenHeuvel. Every week music by one artist is played, but the genre tends to switch, hence the name of the show.

The Four O’Clock Forte

Your host, Kori Halstead, brings you the latest news and upcoming events regarding music events at SNC, around the community, and in the United States every Saturday with different kinds of tunes to go along with it. Every last Saturday of the month, tune in to a podcast about a controversial topic concerning music and pop culture with Kori and another SNC student(s) or professor.


Tune-Thousands is a variety music show that has music from the 2000s era, solely hosted by Taleise Lawrence.

Going Places

Going places doubles as a travel/ adventure talk show and a mixture of alternative music. Cara, the hostess, is an avid traveler with a passion for music. This show discusses different opportunities such as study abroad, trips and other crazy adventures that SNC students have taken. Cara also plays current alternative and indie hits. Check out her website at

The Marina

We play smooth rock from the 70s and 80s.

Stayin Woke

What is a genre? Is it limited to one artist? Or is an artist limited to one genre? That’s what we’ll explore on Stayin’ Woke! With your host Woke, you’ll take a journey through multiple genres and artists, many of which you’ve never heard of! Let’s get Woke!

SNC Morning News

SNC Morning News SNC Morning News is a ten-minute news show that airs three mornings a week for ten-minute sessions. In those ten minutes, I give you a brief summary of major news from around the world and your own backyard. The stories come from a variety of sources, and I do my best to give you the straight facts, fast and friendly. Tune in to SNC Morning News on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:30-9:40 a.m.

Player Parlor

The Player Parlor is a weekly, laid-back, comedic talk show focused on gaming and the culture surrounding it. Every week my friend Nathan and I tackle topics in recent gaming news and discuss them in greater detail. Every show is unscripted and off the cuff, so things get crazy and fun. We also have a lot of guests from the SNC gaming community in, and its always a blast. Tune in to The Player Parlor Fridays at 6 pm, and we’ll see you at Smash Fridays afterwards.

That’s Kinda Cheesy

Single Circle Talk Show

I talk about various topics, hence the name of the show, although it’s mainly sports, lots of sarcasm. I am passionate about America, respects the troops, and have lots comedy in my show. Live Tuesday’s from 6-7 pm

Green Knight Life

Green Knight Life is a podcast-style show co-hosted by SNC seniors Nathan Simanek and Tim Drought. Nathan and Tim have known each other since high school, and have navigated through their time at SNC together. Now, they want to give other people the opportunity to utilize the SNC radio platform and talk about some of their SNC experiences, as well as discuss who they are. Each week, there will be a different guest or two to do just this. Check out Green Knight Life every Saturday at 2:00 pm on SNC Radio!

Evenings with Sam and Griffin

Welcome to Evenings with Sam and Griffin. Our show is an interactive show. We interview facility, students, musicians, etc. Not only does this get us to learn about them and their life on campus but it also gives our listeners the chance to. We are on Monday’s 7-8 and we hope you listen in.

This Show

This Show is a show that will contain a mix of mostly low fi music
with some vocals, as well as one or two spoken word dialogues on Spotify. The playlist is put together in order to create a certain motivational vibe for studying and motivation.